Name: Bolt

D.O.B: July 1st, 1991

Hometown: LaSalle, ON, CANADA!

My favourite artists: Sick of Sarah, Tegan and Sara, LP, Hunter Valentine, P!nk, Enya, Marianas Trench, Sam Cooke, Courage My Love, Twisted Sister, Train, Maroon 5, Styx, NoFX, Bryan Adams, ClassX, Mighty Mongo, Of Monster and Men, Rise Against, Bright Eyes, , Dani Shay  Laurell, Sky Sweetnam, etc...

So, this bundle of awesome entered the world July 1st, 1991 in Windsor, Ontario, and lives in LaSalle, ON. My mama's a nurse, and my dad works for the city. I've got a younger sister. Look at those fun facts! I'm also allergic to dairy and do some things left-handed (well, most things..besides writing). 

I played travel hockey for most of my under 18 life. I was also captain of my high school basketball team, and played hockey there. I played women's full contact football for a year over in Amurrica too. In high school I loved drama class, woodshop, and English...oh and gym. I took a gym class every semester (even used my french to cheat the system and get into 3 one semester, shhhh!) 

At 18, I bought my first guitar and taught myself before leaving to do a year of University at UBC. I came home, and transferred to the University of Windsor my second year, majoring in Psychology. I take a lot of Chem on the side. I love it, it's like a big, elemental puzzle. I also love taking classes online at I will graduate in 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology (Honours). From there, I plan on taking med school by storm. 

In January of 2012, I decided that I was going to go after everything I wanted. First on the list was to start an all-girl band. SUCCESS!! Where's Amy? was born in May of 2012. And I fell in love with writing and performing music. Also gained 3 stellar buds out of it. All thanks to a great song ("Common Mistake") by my favourite band (Sick of Sarah). 

I love to learn, and can be found most days with a good book. I also love to turn off all the lights, light candles, get in a tub, and listen to a great album start to finish. I'm a camp person. This may explain a lot about me and love to volunteer at a camp I went to as a teenager (CTT FOR LIFE!). 

I love to drink tea (Earl Grey and Darjeeling are my favourites) and to slow dance (it's a lost art). Zombies are cool and I LOVE doing laundry and dishes.

I'm currently working on finishing my first novel and starting a soap company as I finish my degree. I'll keep y'all updated on those ventures!

Want to know more? Come on out to a show and we'll get to know each other. Alternatively, go ahead and e-mail me at [email protected], or send me a Facebook message. 

Bolt, Out!